A Confinement Nanny: Help at Hand

A nanny is someone you’d want to have by your side during your confinement period. After giving birth, your mind and body will be exhausted and you’ll need the rest to fully recover. Thus, having someone with years of experience and knowledge about confinement care is exactly what you need during this period.















Michelle went through a smooth confinement period with a confinement nanny by her side. “Having someone with experience helped me a lot because I needed to rest and I was still learning the ropes.”

If you are a price-conscious mother, there’s no need to fret. The help that you get and eventually learn from as a mother is worth every cent you pay, according to Michelle. “CaregiverAsia was supportive of my financial needs and was able to adapt to my requests.”

Even if you’re already a mother, you might still benefit from the help of a confinement nanny. In fact, having a confinement nanny is even more helpful because you need the rest to recover, and having more than one child to take care of might hinder that progress.


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Audrey, a mother of three, realized how helpful having a confinement nanny around her was when she hired one for her third child. “I always thought that I didn’t need one, but she was actually very helpful. I learnt more about how to take care of my baby.”

Not only do they help out around the house, confinement nannies also give mothers such as Audrey the emotional support they need. “I have three kids to take care of now. So having a confinement nanny to assist helped me ease into it.”

Remember, you are not alone. Everyone needs help at some point or other. There is no shame in asking for help because at the end of the day, it is the well-being and welfare of your child and you that are of the utmost importance. Whether you’re are a new mother, a seasoned mother, or simply need the extra hand, you can always count on part-time nannies to be there at your time of assistance!


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Written by Nadiah Rafhanah

When she’s not watching every show on Netflix or interning at CaregiverAsia, Nadiah enjoys taking photos of people and sceneries. She finds joy in doing things spontaneously and turning every day into a fun day.