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5 Ways To Care For Someone With Dementia

  For many family caregivers, taking care of someone with dementia can be a real challenge. Most of the trouble comes from the caregiver not knowing on what to expect from the illness, and how to correctly react towards their loved ones with dementia. This not only causes a strain in their relationship, but it […]

By ashiwin

July 7, 2019

5 Bad Habits To Quit For Healthier Bones

Growing your bones is more than just consuming a whole lot of dairy food and hoping for the best. What you do on a daily basis, from exercising, eating, to lighting a cigarette, affects your skeletal system as a whole. Thus, if you’re truly interested in maintaining healthy bones, it’s time to quit those bad […]

By ashiwin

September 21, 2018

5 Smart Ways To Snack Healthy At Work

We’ve all faced that dilemma when we’re hungry in the office, rummaging through the pantry and only coming up with chocolates and salty biscuits. What’s worse is that if you’re trying to keep to a strict diet, and you’re constantly faced with plenty of delicious temptations while making an effort to snack healthy at work. […]

By ashiwin

July 31, 2018

Is Fasting Good For You?

Remember the last article about taking a break? Some people say it also helps to take a break from the modern daily diet, and skip a meal or fast from time to time – but you would have to be careful about the thousand and one things that fasting is supposed to do for you. […]

By ashiwin

June 8, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Chose to be a Freelance Nurse

My name is Wageeza, and I had been a full time nurse for over three years and a freelance nurse for two years. I have a child who is four years old, and I am also currently studying. Here are the reasons why being a freelance nurse works better for me.         […]

By ashiwin

June 7, 2018

The REAL Reasons Why Rest is Important for Your Health

It is important to take a break to rest and relax, not just regularly, but also after intense periods of high-keyed activity. At the most basic level, rest is a fundamental component of a health lifestyle. It rejuvenates you in both body and mind, and regular rest also helps you regulate many other things, such […]

By ashiwin

June 4, 2018

Counselling : What is it, and Why Everyone Benefits from it

Life’s Little Intervention   One of the most eye-opening things I have done for myself, in recent years, was to go for counseling. Like many of us who have not been initiated into the world of counselling and coaching, we might have some pre-conceived notion of what counselling is, the types of people who actually […]

By ashiwin

May 15, 2018

Mental Disorder: You Are Not Alone

One in four – is the number of people affected by a mental disorder. A study done by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) shows that one in 17 people in Singapore have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) at some time in their lifetime and that MDD is a common mental disorder in the […]

By ashiwin

May 14, 2018

Vegetables Versus Vodka: Eating More Than Just “Healthy”

Is there such a thing as eating more than just “healthy”? Imagine this: I present to you, a fresh, full, bundle of vegetables, and a glinting, sinister glass of vodka. Which one would you consider a better example of healthy eating? For most people, it’s obvious. Come on, vegetables are considered the ideal “diet food” […]

By ashiwin

May 7, 2018

5 Healing Benefits of Music Therapy

Ever find yourself not knowing how to express your emotions? Or do you often feel down? Perhaps what you need is music therapy – the use of music as a medium for therapy. The healing benefits of music therapy can be for anyone of any age, as music is simply part of our everyday life. […]

By ashiwin

April 13, 2018